About Us

The Weaver Investment Company manages the Weaver family of companies, which includes Weaver Investment Company, Park Center Management, KMW Builders, and Stoney Creek Golf Club.  These companies have common ownership and share the same management team. Weaver Investment is also an equity partner in a number of affiliated companies.

Our Mission

The mission of the Weaver Investment Company:

  • To generate profits and appreciation through real estate, stock, bond and private venture investments that: a) justifies the investment, b) affords compensation to those who contribute effort or equity, and c) allows the enterprise to grow.
  • To function as a “family office,” providing superior administrative services for the Weaver Family (including: accounting, budgeting, investment advice, investment monitoring, trust administration, and tax planning and preparation) in a fair, open, inclusive, ethical, professional, timely and responsive manner.
  • To provide employment that is rewarding, pleasant, and that offers opportunity and education.
  • To treat all people and organizations with honor, dignity, and respect.
  • To participate in community and civic service.

Our Code

     We are all responsible leaders in our work and personal life.
     Excellence is a commitment to do our best.
     Always do the right thing.
     Value each other and always communicate openly and honestly.
     Everyone should be trustworthy and show appreciation for each other.
     Respect others differences and treat them with dignity.

Our Directors and Officers

Katherine S. Weaver, Chair
H. Michael Weaver, Vice Chair
Ashley W. Hodges
Lee McAllister
Michele W. Shutter

Lee McAllister, CEO
Kevin Sasser, President
H. Michael Weaver, Vice President
Michael Delev, Vice President
Michelle Wilburn, Secretary/Treasurer, Controller