About The Weaver Foundation

The Weaver Foundation was founded by W. Herman Weaver and H. Michael Weaver with the intention of supporting activities and causes that benefit the Greater Greensboro area. Since its establishment in 1967, the Foundation has focused on community improvement, environmental activities, educational development, helping the disadvantaged and advancing human and civil rights, racial tolerance, and diversity.


Mission and Goals

The mission of the Weaver Foundation is to help the Greater Greensboro community enhance and improve the quality of life and the economic environment for its citizens while developing a sense of philanthropy, civic education and commitment in current and future generations of the founders’ families.

The Weaver Foundation efforts include:

  • Support for education
  • Programs for children and youth
  • Protection of the environment
  • Efforts to reduce poverty and improve the lives of the disadvantaged and the needy
  • Advancement of human and civil rights, racial tolerance, and diversity
  • Enhancement of parks, recreation, and the quality of life
  • Economic development
Weaver Foundation